Chaotic Things D&D Players Say

This ramble will, without a doubt, be the dumbest post to date, but I want to share these with you. For a while now, I have been taking notes while playing Dungeons and Dragons. Not the usual kind about plot twists, essential NPCs and shared inventory. Nope, not that helpful information. That's Ben's job, anyway.... Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: First TPK

Happy Easter Sunday!  It seems appropriate to tell a story about death on Easter. So, gather round as I spin you a tale about the first Total Party Kill or TPK I had. So, let's clarify something. In Dungeons & Dragons, your character will likely die. Circe, the character I had been playing in this mini-campaign... Continue Reading →

Cryptids and Coffee Beans

Finally got to play Call of Cthulhu as an investigator! The module we played was Amidst the Ancient Trees. I am going to be a little vague when talking about plot points to prevent spoilers. All you need to know is that this investigation took place in 1920's Vermont. I decided to bring back one of my favourite... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike

As much as I adore Dungeons & Dragons, I know there is a cornucopia of amazing TTRPGs out there. There are several I am desperate to play, but recently I finally got to have a shot at one. Kids on Bikes. Inspired by Stranger Things, this RPG lets you create and play as a group... Continue Reading →

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