Page Turner: The Five

As someone who is fascinated by true crime, I thought I knew everything about the Jack the Ripper case, or at least everything we knew about it. Yet if you asked me about the victims, all I could tell you were their names, where the bodies were found and the "fact" they were all prostitutes.... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: A Very British Murder

I'm not sure if this is the case worldwide, but here in the UK, we have an interesting fascination with crime and murder. From recreations of infamous murders on stage to the bestselling mystery novels inspired by real cases we can't seem to get enough. For example, on my one and only trip to London,... Continue Reading →

Autumn Reading List

Finally, the best season is here! Autumn is my favourite season due to the beautiful colours of brown, bronze and gold everywhere. This is when you can break out those cosy hoodies and sweaters. Not to mention that this means we are getting closer to Halloween. So as the days and nights grow darker, so... Continue Reading →

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