Spring Reading List 2022

Happy World Book Day! Hey, an international excuse to read, what's not to love? With the seasons changing this month, it means it's time for another reading list for the coming season. Honesty, Spring can't come soon enough. I am getting sick of the winter chill, so I am looking forward to warmer weather and... Continue Reading →

Spring Reading List 2021

Finally, spring is on its way. Persephone is running late this year. This winter has been drearier than most, so the warmer weather should hopefully bring bright skies soon, in more ways than one. Spring is a time of renewal. New life, new hope and new beginnings come with the banishment of the frigid winter... Continue Reading →

Spring Reading List

Nearing the end of the month, Spring will start. Normally most of the time I use the jar technique to pick a book but I still use my list sometimes. Watership Down I grew up with the animated film and rewatch it around Easter time. So this year, I am finally going to read the... Continue Reading →

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