Top Five South Park Episodes

My second South Park ramble in a row, I refuse to apologize. Don't blame me, blame The Fractured But Whole. Not only is that game a blast but has reignited my love for the show. So much so that I started binge watching my favourite seasons. Speaking of which, I thought I would share my personal... Continue Reading →

South Park Drinking Game

Recently I have been playing a lot of The Fractured But Whole and have been laughing so hard my stomach hurt. I love how much you can customise your character in it compared to The Stick of Truth. Not to mention the major upgrade in the combat department. So, in celebration, I proudly present the South... Continue Reading →

South Park Verses Family Guy.

Sorry for the duff title, there is more to this article than the name implies however statistics show that titles like “Why blank is evil” and “Thing A is a rip off of thing B” get more views. That and I couldn’t think of a better title. I will try to look at this objectively... Continue Reading →

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