Page Turner: All Systems Red

in space, no one can hear you insult your company. All Systems Red by Martha Wells is a SciFi novel about a self-described "murderbot", a security droid currently tasked with looking after a group of researchers. Set in a corporate-dominated spacefaring future, the company rents out SecUnits if things turn sour for the clients. Typically, a... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Bloodchild

Typically I review full novels, but I just finished a novella that blew me away and I just had to preach about it for a bit. The novelette in question is Bloodchild by Octavia E. Butler. Bloodchild is a short story about a family of humans who live on an alien planet in an isolated community called "The... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: The Kaiju Preservation Society

I think I just found my new favourite SciFi book. The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi follows Jamie Gray, who unfortunately gets fired by his boss at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, while delivering food in a feeble attempt to make ends meet, he ends up reuniting with an old acquaintance who offers... Continue Reading →

Psychonauts Read-A-Like

To honour the release of Psychonauts 2, I thought it would be fun to recommend some mental stories. I tried my best to find books with that Psychonauts vibes we love so much. Stories about the power of our minds, about psychic abilities and a little pinch of mania. I think I achieved my goal with these four... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Gateway

I noticed recently that despite my claims of loving SciFi, I haven't read any in a while outside of a Doctor Who tie-in novel. So I had a look in my little library for an SF Masterworks book I haven't read yet. At this point, I have admitted to myself that buying/collecting books is a different hobby... Continue Reading →

Mother of Science Fiction

Since today is Mother's Day here in the UK, I thought it would be fitting to celebrate a certain woman. The woman who arguably gave birth to a new genre of literature, whose work continues to inspire us two centuries after it's publication.  That woman of course being Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the mother of science... Continue Reading →

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