Rick and Morty Drinking Game

With only weeks to go until Rick and Morty Season Three, let's get Riggity-riggity wrecked, Son! So, I proudly present to you, the rules to the Rick and Morty Drinking game! Take a shot when; Rick drinks Beth drinks wine Morty panics Rick Burps Someone stutters, take an extra if it isn't Rick or Morty Rick uses... Continue Reading →

Hopes and Fears: Rick and Morty Season Three

Adult Swim, why are you doing this to us? Why did you create this amazing show, end the second season like that and announce that you have finished but not telling us when Rick and Morty will finally return? How dare you! All jokes aside, Rick and Morty is one of the best adult cartoons... Continue Reading →

New Obsession: Pocket Mortys

With the next season of Rick and Morty coming out in 2017 I have been suffering with withdrawal. How dare Adult Swim make an incredible show only to tell us the next season will come out in a year and a half! Adult Swim isn’t too heartless though, as they recently released a mobile game... Continue Reading →

New Obsession; Rick and Morty

As an Autistic, I get obsessed easily. It’s not good for my college work nor my bank account, but it happens way too often. So, I have decided to start a mini-series about any new obsessions I get. As you have read from the title, this is about a certain Adult Swim animated series called... Continue Reading →

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