Rosario + Vampire review

In terms of the reviews I’m doing this month, this will be the shortest and possibly the least Halloweeny… that’s a word, right? Yeah, let’s just go with it. However I still want to discuss this anime and manga series and since it has monsters in it I guess it qualifies. So here we go,... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Ghoul review

Perhaps one of the most popular anime series recently, Tokyo Ghoul is another great title to watch this Halloween season. What can I say about this anime that hasn’t already been said? It was so popular that I lost count of how many Kaneki cosplayers alone went to this year’s MCM comic con (myself included).... Continue Reading →

Empire of Corpses review

Before we begin I want to apologise for my Tokyo Ghoul review being late. Personal issues occurred which prevented me from working on it on Saturday and I was busy on Sunday. However, I was able to go to the premiere of Empire of Corpses, so as an apology I will post the Tokyo Ghoul... Continue Reading →

Inside out review

Pixar’s latest animated film Inside out is a classic example of taking a known idea or premise and doing something inventive and new with it. The idea of looking at the human body as if operated by sentient organisms is hardly new, there was the Beano comic series called the Numbskulls, The movie and cartoon... Continue Reading →

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