Pokémon Sword and Shield: What Do We Know?

It's at times like this I really get salty about not having a Switch. In the latest Nintendo Direct, they announced two new Pokémon games coming to the Switch, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield as well as introducing us to the new region and starters. Right off the bat, this set of starters are adorable!... Continue Reading →

The fluffiest detective is on the case

I know I'm a bit on the late side for talking about this, but my blog my rules and I want to get my thoughts about this upcoming movie out of my system. Out of the gate, I want to make my stance on the movie nice and clear, I am all for Detective Pikachu.... Continue Reading →

Top Five Petrifying Pokédex entries

It is no secret that Pokémon has some pretty disturbing elements. We have all read the creepypastas like Hypno's Lullaby and Lavender Town Syndrome. However, while they may be unsettling, they are nothing compared to real entries in Pokédex's as well as the implications that go along with them. I though, since Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming... Continue Reading →

New Obsession: Pokémon GO

  Pokémon GO has pretty much taken over the world at this point. Every time you log into Facebook, there are hundreds of Pokémon GO statuses (is that the right word?). It has even been on the news and talk shows. Before you say it. Yes, I am part of the problem. This app has... Continue Reading →

Pokémon drinking game

The Pokémon anime has been airing for 20 years now. My, how time flies when you are capturing little monsters and make them beat up each other. Since I enjoy a good strawberry daiquiri and the Pokémon anime, why not combine them? So lets ruin our childhood, grab your favourite drink, put on Pokémon and regret it tomorrow. I proudly present the Pokémon... Continue Reading →


With Pokémon’s 20th anniversary yesterday, I have fallen back into pokémania. I spent most of yesterday rewatching the anime and belting out the theme song, much to the annoyance of my family. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the new game! Shame, since it looks like I have a lot of waiting to do.... Continue Reading →

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