OWLS May Blog Tour: I choose Joy

Before I get into this month's tour, I need to warn you that this will give away major spoilers for The Adventure Zone podcast. Namely the Balance Arc. Please listen to it before reading any further as it is a wonderful podcast. You don't need to be into Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy it. If... Continue Reading →

[OWLS April Blog Tour] A hero for the ages

Happy Easter Sunday, folks! Hope you are having a nice day with family or at the very least stuffing your face with chocolate. As I said in last months tour, I am more masculine than I am feminine which is just something that I have accepted about myself. Growing up I tended to side towards boy... Continue Reading →

[OWLS July Blog Tour] Mutual Mentorship

When we think of mentors, we normally think of a wise older person, particularly in fiction. You know who I'm referring to, folks like Gandalf, Yoda and Iroh just to name three. However, from my personal experience, my mentors have been my friends. Of course, I had teachers who taught me about my ABCs and... Continue Reading →

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