Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017

The air is getting colder, ice coats the ground and the shops are mayhem. Let's just stay indoors and play video games. For me this year the Winter Wonderland Event skins are a bit of a mixed bag. While I love all the skins, particularly Beachrat, the only heroes I play as who got skins are... Continue Reading →

Overwatch Halloween Event 2017

As much as I love video game events all year round, my favourites are more often than not the Halloween ones. Partly because the holiday allows devs to get really creative, and Halloween is my favourite holiday in the first place. Here is the question of the day, has the Overwatch Halloween Terror event delivered this... Continue Reading →

Let the games begin!

Overwatch's summer event is already off to a good start in my book. The event kicked off a few days ago and every since I have struggled to pry myself away from my PS4. I am on a mission to get every single skin from this event. Can you blame me? They are awesome! While... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Doomfist!

After a long wait, Doomfist is finally here! However, before we go any further let's address the elephants in the room. Firstly, you can only play as Doomfist in the PC PTR. If you are a console peasant like me, you are going to have to wait a little longer before you can test out the... Continue Reading →

Monkey business in Overwatch

The Overwatch anniversary event isn't even over yet and we are already getting new information about upcoming editions to the game. Last night, Blizzard announced that a test patch is now available on PC. While this is great news for some, for console gamers like myself the news is bittersweet. True, we are getting trailers and news... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Overwatch!

Time flies when you are having fun, or when you are screaming at your team to get on the payload, same difference when you are playing Overwatch. Jokes aside, I can't believe that it has been a year since Overwatch made its debut. In just a year this game gained a massive following and intense fandom.... Continue Reading →

Uprising, did it deliver?

I called it! I totally called it! I said in my last article about Uprising (If you want to read it) That they would use the designs from the comic as the skins for this event. Not only that, but I also said that it was likely that they would have a new game mode.... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Uprising

About time, Blizzard! As we all know, Blizzard likes to take its sweet time to announce any new information. However, we now have a decent amount of info about the upcoming Overwatch event. The latest event will start on the 11th of April, though some online refer to it as the omnic crisis event or King’s... Continue Reading →

A for Autism

Yes, I know the title sucks, but I couldn't think of anything better. I'm sorry! I have never hidden the fact that I have autism, not in real life nor my articles here on this blog. I'm not proud to be autistic, but I have accepted that it is part of who I am. So,... Continue Reading →

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