Fun in the Overwatch Sun

Finally! The Overwatch Summer Games are here! I have to admit I haven't played in a while. There are three main reasons, one I haven't had much time to myself, two when I do I'm either reading or playing something else like Far Cry 5 and three, frankly, I have kinda lost interest in Overwatch.... Continue Reading →

Warm-up time

Only four days to go before the 2018 Overwatch Summer Games kick off! This is my second favourite Event Overwatch has, second only to Halloween. Then again Halloween is hard to beat in my books, as it is my favourite time of year and my favourite holiday. I'm already getting sidetracked, that's how you know... Continue Reading →

Let the games begin!

Overwatch's summer event is already off to a good start in my book. The event kicked off a few days ago and every since I have struggled to pry myself away from my PS4. I am on a mission to get every single skin from this event. Can you blame me? They are awesome! While... Continue Reading →

Overwatch Summer Games 2017

Good news, heroes! Next week the¬†Overwatch Summer Games shall return! That is not the only thing to return to Overwatch, as the skins from last years event will be available¬†once more. On top of that, they will be 1000 each rather than 3000. I was over the moon when I found out, as I missed... Continue Reading →

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