Hopes and Fears: No Game, No Life Zero

Finally, we have some news about the upcoming No Game No Life movie! You have no idea how happy I was when I stumbled on the teaser trailer for this film. Unfortunately, it is in Japanese¬†(Well, duh) and I can't seem to locate an official translation. Still, I nearly burst into tears when I watched... Continue Reading →

Top Five anime for gamers

One of my favourite things about anime is the plethora of genres and subgenres that are out there. There are anime series out there that tie into other interests. For example, if you like victorian history you have Black Butler. Needless to say, there are plenty of anime out there for gamers, and I want... Continue Reading →

Disboard = utopia

I think all of us in the anime community have taken part in the discussion of which anime world would you want to live in at least once. It is always a fun topic to talk about. Also, you get to understand someone better when you learn about their ideal world. However, with the upcoming... Continue Reading →

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