Page Turner: CLAMPdown

Before we get started, I have two thank yous to say. Thank you, Jon Spencer and Ian Wolf. Jon Spencer for recommending me and my blog to Ian Wolf, and Wolf for sending me a free copy of his book for me to read and review. I'm sorry it has taken a while to finally get this up,... Continue Reading →

House Husbandry

Why did no one tell me that one of my favourite mangas is getting an anime adaptation? Or the fact that said anime adaptation will be out next month? I will admit, I have been out of touch with the anime community for a while. No reason, in particular, I simply ended up drifting away.... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Gokushufudou

I used to be an avid Manga enthusiast. A few years ago I would get at least two Mangas a month and read several online. Now I haven't bought a Manga in about four months, give or take, and I don't read many online these days. That being said, when I find one I really... Continue Reading →

Confessions of an Otaku: Part Two

I still have quite a lot to confess about on this subject. Firstly, Thanks to being able to download anime on my phone thanks to Netflix I now watch anime on the go. Which doesn't sound too bad but I learned the hard way to be careful about which anime series you watch in public. For... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: Takahashi-san is listening

Takahashi-san is listening follows Highschool idol, Ena Takahashi who has a hobby. Nothing wrong with that, everyone has a hobby, right? Well, instead of gaming or sports, Takahashi enjoys listening into her classmate's conversations. Her favourite classmates to spy on are the class representative Nara and the simple Mikage. She needs to be careful because if... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: I Am a Hero

Manga can be pretty disturbing, but no manga has freaked me out quite like I Am a Hero. As you may have picked up by now, this series is not for those out there with faint hearts and weak stomachs. I Am a Hero is intense, brutal and distressing. Not to mention the dark themes that... Continue Reading →

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