Lockdown Limbo

Oh look, Megan is writing about the lockdown, again! Yes, I am very much aware of the tedious topic. I am sure some folk must be sick of reading about this just as I am sick of living like this. Things are getting worse here. So much so that lockdown got extended. Now, the stay... Continue Reading →

Phase in, Phase out

At the time of writing, Scotland is in Phase Two on easing lockdown restrictions. Halfway there. I am starting to worry about how the lockdown might affect me when it finally ends. Again, I am one of the lucky ones so I can’t complain. Namely, my job is secure and I’m living with family. However,... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Check In

How is everyone holding up? Funnily enough, I think I'm doing better now than I was back when I wrote Cabin Fever. Probably because I have gotten used to how things operate now. Since then I have been making more of an effort to get into routines. Keeping busy seems to work, for instance. Whether that's... Continue Reading →

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