Top Five Petrifying Pokédex entries

It is no secret that Pokémon has some pretty disturbing elements. We have all read the creepypastas like Hypno's Lullaby and Lavender Town Syndrome. However, while they may be unsettling, they are nothing compared to real entries in Pokédex's as well as the implications that go along with them. I though, since Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming... Continue Reading →

Dead RINGer

A little while back, I wrote about The Blair Witch Project and the impact that movie had on the genre. However, there is one film out there with a richer history and has made just as much of an impact, Ringu. Ringu, sometimes referred to as Ring in the West, is a classic of Asian Horror. With... Continue Reading →

Mentionable Manga: I Am a Hero

Manga can be pretty disturbing, but no manga has freaked me out quite like I Am a Hero. As you may have picked up by now, this series is not for those out there with faint hearts and weak stomachs. I Am a Hero is intense, brutal and distressing. Not to mention the dark themes that... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil HD

If you have a PS4 Plus account, you will know that every month you will get a couple of free games. This month, those games are Transformers Devastation and remastered Resident Evil HD. Confession, I have only played one Resident Evil game, and that was Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS. Even then, I never finished it. So... Continue Reading →

Horror movie drinking game

  Let's face it. As much as we love horror movies, they can be pretty formulaic. However, that isn't always a bad thing. After all, formulaic movies can make great drinking games! Holidays are normally a great excuse to get drunk. Halloween is no exception. So grab a glass or two of that Halloween cocktail you... Continue Reading →

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