E3 2019

I did plan to write a new E3 drinking game but due to college deadlines and totally forgetting what dates E3 was this year it slipped my mind. Sorry! Also, sorry that this is really late and if I am being honest, pretty bad. I have been really distracted and unmotivated today despite getting good... Continue Reading →

Is E3 irrelivant?

Now that E3 is on the horizon every gaming related website is posting nothing but the scraps of info we know in the run-up to the event and spreading rumours about possible announcements. However, maybe its because I am in a bit of a low point in my life or something but I can't bring... Continue Reading →

Top Five E3 announcements (PS4)

This year's E3 was certainly interesting. A bit cringy but not as bad as last years. While I watched as many of the live streams as I could, as PlayStation player my attention was mostly on the PlayStation ones. On that note, there are several games that caught my eye. So, in no particular order,... Continue Reading →

E3 2016

Another year, another tone of games announced. Shame there are only a handful that interest me. Many people get hyped about E3, but honestly I never really get into the festivities. There is a few games that have caught my eye. Firstly,  a week before E3 Agents of Mayhem was announced. As a Saints Row fan... Continue Reading →

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