Confessions of a Dice Goblin

Yeah, this post has been a long time coming. The first step in sorting a problem is admitting there is one. With that in mind, my name is Megan and I am a Dice Goblin. Basically, I can't stop buying D&D dice. Now, that might not sound like a real problem, but I assure you... Continue Reading →

A New Adventure

I am not ready for this. Tomorrow is the last session of the Fates Folly campaign. The D&D campaign we have been playing for over two years now. It all comes down to this. Will our band of heroes save the world, or will they fail at the last hurdle? This is emotional enough for... Continue Reading →

On Your Bike

As much as I adore Dungeons & Dragons, I know there is a cornucopia of amazing TTRPGs out there. There are several I am desperate to play, but recently I finally got to have a shot at one. Kids on Bikes. Inspired by Stranger Things, this RPG lets you create and play as a group... Continue Reading →

D&D Storytime: How it all began

Before I begin, I want to dedicate this ramble to my best friend Shiloh since today is her birthday. Hope you are having a birthday as wonderful as you, Shiloh! Looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow! I wanted to double-check to see if anyone would be interested in reading some of the exploits from... Continue Reading →

[OWLS October Blog Tour] Changing Seasons

There are many ways we can interpret the word, fantasy. For example, we can talk about how a fantastical place could glorify what reality should be or the dangers of ideal expectations. Fantasy could also be seen as taking a “wild journey” or a “hallucination” and how that can affect our psyche and well-being.  Fantasy... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Dungeon Rookie

According to my dear Dungeon Master, Thomas, I have already made a terrible mistake as a DM. I have shown weakness by admitting I'm nervous about my role. However, now with three sessions under my belt, I feel like I'm starting to get a hand on the basics. I'm no Matt Mercer or Thomas (if... Continue Reading →

Dungeon Master, Round Two!

Two bards and two rouges walk into a tavern. On Friday I once again took on the role of Dungeon Master. Since this was not my first rodeo I knew more or less what I was getting into. Then again it was only my second round at the rodeo so I was still nervous. This... Continue Reading →

New Obsession: Critical Role

In the world of the online D&D community, I kept hearing about one show in particular over and over again. Critical Role. Critical Role is a real play Dungeons and Dragons show streamed on Twitch every Thursday and is also available as a podcast too. The show stars voice actors Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey, Liam... Continue Reading →

Level 23 and Cornwall

After two weeks in Cornwall, yesterday I returned home and tomorrow I turn 23. I have mentioned this before but I am a really pale girl and every year I get burnt on my holiday. This year was a new record as I ended up burning myself on the first full day! I'm still suffering... Continue Reading →

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