Achievement Unlocked: Graduated

Sorry that today's ramble is a bit late. I had the wrong shift written down for work, thinking I was the on the closing shift when I was actually on the opening so I bolted out the door without breakfast. Note to self, always doublecheck your shifts. Yesterday I officially Graduated from Glasgow Clyde College!... Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked: Passed College

I'm trying to learn how to custom make my own headers. What do y'all think? As the title states, I passed my College Course! I mentioned good news in my last ramble and this was it. I received an email notifying me that my grade was now available. I was so nervous I was shaking... Continue Reading →

Crunch time

This post is a heads up for the foreseeable future. I am approaching a massive deadline for college and I have so much to do that I, regrettably, simply don't have the time to write. Namely, I have a bunch of paperwork, a few more tests and editing to do for the final deadline. Everything... Continue Reading →

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