Merry Christmas From Nerd Rambles!

Only three days to go! While my Christmas spirit still hasn't kicked in, I am looking forward to the special day. I hope you get everything you desire under the tree this year and dig into so much good food that you will still be full on Boxing Day! It's going to be a quieter... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Portrait of a Murderer

Christmas is a time for family. Sure, sometimes an argument might break out during dinner but I'm sure none of you ended up killing your dad at the most wonderful time of the year. At least I hope so. Portrait of a Murderer: A Christmas Crime Story by Anne Meredith is a crime story centred... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just two days to go until Christmas! While I ranted about how much the run-up to the holiday is horrible for me, I still love Christmas. My Christmas Spirit doesn't kick in until Christmas Eve but once it does it is here to stay. Christmas is chaotic in my house. This year 32 members of... Continue Reading →

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