Lovecraftian Book Recommendations

What is the spooky season, if not an excuse to binge read horror? I am a sucker for Lovecraftian horror. It is easily my favourite subgenre. They often discuss topics such as mental health, humanity and unspeakable evil. Not to mention how many authors these days use the subgenre to discuss real-world issues such as... Continue Reading →

Horror Book Reccomendations

October is finally here! You know what that means, the spooky month is officially started. In fairness, I already started getting into the spooky vibe at the start of last month but now it's official. As a bookworm, I thought a good way to spread the Halloween fun would be to recommend some bone-chilling books.... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Annihilation

As someone who loves Lovecraftian horror, but has already read most of his work, I asked r/suggestmeabook for help. Once again, I was pointed in the right direction and got my hands on a brilliant book. Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer is a Scifi horror novel. The book is an in-world written account of the Biologist of... Continue Reading →

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