Reading Recap: June

Today marks the end of pride month, and not going to lie, but I am a bit sad about that. This year I finally went to a Pride event in my hometown and had a blast (and way too much to drink). I hope you had a colourful Pride too! Once again, my bread and... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

I am embarrassed as there isn't a post today. Recently I have been feeling rotten, impacting my ability to focus. I blame the weather and health concerns. Don't worry, I am starting to feel better though I haven't exactly bounced back. Couple that with some stress and boom, my brain is mush. I have a... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

Sorry lads, but there is no post today. I don't have a valid excuse this time around. I ended up putting off writing until last night but by then, I was too tired to do so. I figured I could write something today, but I ended up spending the day with my mother and by... Continue Reading →

Reading Recap: March

I am so glad it is finally spring! I struggled to focus this month, so I read a couple of short books. Short books can be just as enjoyable as normal ones. You know the well known saying, never judge a book by its cover? That rule applies to its page count too.  I got... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: Crying in H Mart

Happy Mothers Day!  In honour of the holiday, for the last week, I've been reading a non-fiction book about the bond between a mother and daughter. One I ended up adoring and left me teary-eyed at times. Ever since my mom died, I cry in H Mart.Michelle Zauner, Crying in H Mart Crying in H Mart by... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

I am so sorry, but there isn't a post today. Recently, my work has changed my hours. Don't worry, it is for the better (for the most part) as I now am working more. The only downside is I am still trying to get used to them. Unfortunately, I was under the impression that I... Continue Reading →

A Taste of a New Coffee Blend

Cosy games are on the rise in popularity as of late, which is great to see.  I will go on the record to say that they helped me out during the lockdowns. Something soft and fluffy to play with good stories and lovable characters. One of my all-time favourites I found during that dark period... Continue Reading →

Non-Fiction Reading Recommendations

This ramble is dedicated to Kibbin, who mentioned that they are interested in reading more non-fiction this year. Since there are a plethora of fascinating non-fiction books out there, I decided to highlight my favourites and group them into subjects. Hopefully that way, you can pick out a few different books covering a wide array of... Continue Reading →

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