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Hi lads, No post today, I had some issues this week and wasn't able to write anything. Work is picking up again since folks are starting their Christmas shopping. It sucks but that's retail for you. Nerd Rambles will be back to normal soon, don't worry. Thanks for understanding, Megan.

No Show

I had something in the works for today's post but due to time constraints, personal events and a faulty keyboard, I was unable to do so. Sorry, but there isn't a post today.

Frostbitten Burnout

I have written a few personal articles here and there and while I debated whether or not to open up online about some topics due to the kind words and support that I received I have decided that I will continue to open up on my blog. Which brings me to the topic at hand.... Continue Reading →

PsychoNauts: Old or Gold?

For a while, I have been fascinated by a certain PS2 game called PsychoNauts. I recently got my hands on it on the PlayStation Store. Man, this game is awesome! Everything about this game is so creative. From the visuals to the story, it all adds up to make a unique and fun experience. The... Continue Reading →

Birthday and thanks

Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm going to be 20. God, I feel old. Instead of making this all about me, I want to thank  everyone who has read my rambles over the last months. You guys have given me to motivation to continue writing, I can never thank you enough. Writing has always been something... Continue Reading →

Blog update

With personal responsibility and issues piling up, my updating schedule is a bit messed up at the current moment. This is mostly due to college work I need to finish up with little time left and the family pressure that comes along with that. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to upload Rambles... Continue Reading →

Pokémon drinking game

The Pokémon anime has been airing for 20 years now. My, how time flies when you are capturing little monsters and make them beat up each other. Since I enjoy a good strawberry daiquiri and the Pokémon anime, why not combine them? So lets ruin our childhood, grab your favourite drink, put on Pokémon and regret it tomorrow. I proudly present the Pokémon... Continue Reading →

Girls just wanna read comics

On Monday Forbidden Planet in Glasgow closed its doors to male customers. From six to nine the comic shop belonged to the geeky girls. With cake, booze and a 20% discount it was an absolute blast. Forbidden Planet tends to hold interesting and fun events every now and again, but this one is by far... Continue Reading →


  I know I'm a bit behind, but still. UK anime fans, rejoice! We can now access Funimation licensed anime! When it comes to streaming, we here in the UK seem to have drawn the short straw. We have less content on Netflix, can't view some anime titles on Crunchyroll due to licensing restrictions, and... Continue Reading →

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