No Post Today

I am truly sorry about this, but there isn't a post today. Due to scheduling issues as well as some dense brain fog as of late, I have been struggling to write for the past few days. It isn't even a case of writer block this time, I simply can't get my upcoming review up... Continue Reading →

Wizarding Woes

With today being International Harry Potter Day, let's talk about something a bit uncomfortable. Namely, how J.K. Rowling's statements and actions have damaged our relationship with the wizarding world.  Ever since J.K. Rowling aired her transphobic views, they left a sour taste in our mouths. Since then folk have been distancing themselves not only from... Continue Reading →

Isolation Book Club: April

With lockdown restrictions easing substantially, this will be the last Isolation Book Club. However, I enjoy writing these mini-reviews. So while I am retiring the name, I will continue to pen these monthly reading recaps. I have no idea what the new title should be. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Also,... Continue Reading →

Ghost on the Shore Demo

Do you know what I hate about demos? When you play one that is so immersive and intriguing, only for it to end and you realise the full game isn't out yet. Meaning you need to wait, sometimes for a good while until it's released. Ghost on the Shore is an exploration game set on a... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

I am starting to worry that I am getting into a bad habit. Once again, there isn't a post today. The reason this time is rather simple, I planned on posting a game review but I don't think I have experienced enough of the game to give it the proper review it deserves. So, I... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

I'm so sorry, but there isn't a post today. With work starting again, I have been trying to adjust to a new schedule and routine which is proving trickier than I anticipated. Mainly trying to maintain a decent sleep schedule. Plus I have been working near non-stop for my Fateless campaign. I think my posts... Continue Reading →

House Husbandry

Why did no one tell me that one of my favourite mangas is getting an anime adaptation? Or the fact that said anime adaptation will be out next month? I will admit, I have been out of touch with the anime community for a while. No reason, in particular, I simply ended up drifting away.... Continue Reading →

Spring Reading List 2021

Finally, spring is on its way. Persephone is running late this year. This winter has been drearier than most, so the warmer weather should hopefully bring bright skies soon, in more ways than one. Spring is a time of renewal. New life, new hope and new beginnings come with the banishment of the frigid winter... Continue Reading →

No post today

I'm sorry, but there isn't a post today. I've been in a major funk lately and it started to take a toll on my writing. I had something in the works for today but for some reason, no matter how many times I rewrote it, I wasn't happy with it. That, and finding the energy... Continue Reading →

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