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Top Five Podcasts

Summer is underway, and with summer comes road trips and travelling.

Let’s be honest, folks. Long car rides are the worst. You are stuck in a small enclosed vehicle for hours at a time. On top of that, they can get very dull quickly. Thankfully, I have found five great podcasts that will keep you entertained on the road.


This is perhaps the most popular podcast on this list, for a good reason.

Hosted by Total Biscuit with regular co-hosts Dodger and Jesse Cox and other guests, the gang discuss games, new releases and news and have a laugh while doing it.

This podcast is great for long journeys as each episode is around three hours long.

314613Serial Killers

If you love True Crime as much as I do then you will love this.

Serial Killers is a weekly podcast hosted by Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson. The pair talks about infamous serial killers throughout history as well as taking an in-depth look into their minds and motives.

This podcast is certainly a good way to kill time. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

2386f112d9ba0f0c6aa7cd499d2cdc36The Anime Show with Joey & AkiDearest

Love Anime? Good, then this is the podcast for you.

Two popular Anime YouTubers, Joey AKA The Anime Man and AkiDearest host this podcast filled with Anime, Otaku News and Japanese culture. On top of that, they often give recommendations.

If you like these YouTubers, I am sure you will like their podcast.

1200x630bbSimon Mayo’s Confessions

Trust me, these stories are hilarious.

For my non-UK readers, firstly hi, thanks for reading! and secondly, there is a radio station called BBC Radio 2 which is home to a weekly segment in which people email the host Simon Mayo Confessions of a ridiculous nature which he reads on air and listeners text in to say if they forgive the person or not.

Recently, I discovered that they now have a podcast version. In each episode, there are four confessions instead of just one and it doesn’t have viewer feedback.

If you want to hear some unforgettable stories, then I highly recommend you check out this podcast.

61zpMObMs5LHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Ok, I am kinda cheating here.

Before the book series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was a BBC Radio 4 Radio Play. While looking through my podcast app I found this play and started listening.

It is a fantastic play that I love to bits. Even if you haven’t read the books if you love SciFi and bizarre comedy you will get a kick out of this play.

If you have any podcast recommendations you would like to share, please comment below!

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Top Five E3 announcements (PS4)

e3This year’s E3 was certainly interesting. A bit cringy but not as bad as last years.

While I watched as many of the live streams as I could, as PlayStation player my attention was mostly on the PlayStation ones. On that note, there are several games that caught my eye.

So, in no particular order, here are my Top Five games announced for the PS4.

Detroit: Become Human

This is a game I have been interested in a while.

dbhDetroit: Become Human has been in the works for a while, but at this year’s E3 we got to see more of the game. With every demo and new gameplay footage I see, the more I want this game to come out already!

Detroit: Become Human is about a futuristic society that uses Androids as servants but some are developing free will and no longer want to be seen as mere tools for humans.

This is an interesting concept we have seen before, but what makes Detroit: Become Human stand out is that the story and more importantly the outcome depend on your split-second decisions.

At the time of writing, Detroit: Become Human has no confirmed release date.

soc.pngShadow of the Colossus

Mini confession, I have not played the original Shadow of the Colossus. I felt that I had missed out of something special when I heard others talk about it.

Thankfully, I won’t be in that situation for much longer.

A remake of the game is coming next year, and I for one am glad. This means I can finally play it!

This version of Shadow of the Colossus will have updated graphics as well as modernised gameplay, and apparently, the eight Colossi that didn’t make the cut for the original game will not be in this version.

awoA Way Out

A Co-op Prison break game? Yes, please!

In A Way Out, you play as either Leo or Vincent, two inmates who need to learn to trust one another so they can break out of prison and evade the long arm of the law.

This game has no single player campaign, in order to play you have to have someone else controlling the other convict. Online Co-op will be available, but the developers say the best way to experience this game is to play the good old fashioned way, with a pal on the couch.

I don’t know how I feel about it, most of the time when I play games, I want to play alone. Unless I’m on Overwatch or needing help in FF14 I tend to play solo. That being said, this looks like an interesting game and I am looking forward to it. Even if I have to beg a friend to buy a copy to play with me!


So, BioWare has a new IP.

Anthem is an online Co-op shooter, and while I am not a big fan of the genre this game has peaked my interest.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the developers are BioWare Edmonton, the studio behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

In Anthem, you play as a Freelancer, taking on missions to go where no man has gone before. You can team up with three pals, or three total strangers, as you fight to protect mankind.

From the demos I have seen, it looks like a fun game. It will be released in fall next year.

South_Park_The_Fractured_but_Whole_cover_artSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole

Yes, yes, I know that this game wasn’t announced at E3 but we did get to see more gameplay and got a confirmed release date.

As someone who spent many wonderful hours playing South Park: The Stick of Truth and Preordered my copy of the upcoming sequel as soon as I could, I was delighted to hear that this game was coming soon.

Last time I heard any info regarding The Fractured But Whole sources stated that the game would be released in November, but at E3 they announced that it would be here a month earlier. That is, of course, if they don’t delay the release again.

What games are you looking forward too? Let me know in the comments!

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Top Five anime for gamers

One of my favourite things about anime is the plethora of genres and subgenres that are out there. There are anime series out there that tie into other interests. For example, if you like victorian history you have Black Butler. Needless to say, there are plenty of anime out there for gamers, and I want to honour them here today!

For the record, I’m only including anime that I have seen. If I have missed out a gaming anime that you love, or think I should watch please let me know. Also, these are not in any particular order. With all that said, may I present to you my top five anime for gamers!

No Game No Life


You knew this had to be on the list.

No Game No Life follows the NEET siblings Sora and Shiro as they are transported from a dull and meaningless world into a fantasy world where all conflict is solved by games.

Sora and Shiro put their gaming skills to the test in order to challenge the god of Disboard. Along with their new pals, they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.

Filled with wacky characters, interesting story and references, any gamer will enjoy this show. However, I personally think the light novel series is much better as the story continues and there is a lot more detail than the anime.

and_you_thought_there_is_never_a_girl_onlineAnd you thought there is never a girl online?

I adore this anime.

And you thought there is never a girl online? is about a group of gamers in a guild who decide to meet up in real life. Not only do they all attend the same high school, but two members have been playing as guys but in fact are girls.

The other two are protagonist Nishimura and the delusional Ako who believes that she is married to Nishimura as their avatars are married in the game and can’t tell the difference between games and reality. The three guildmates decide to try to help Ako but it proves to be a difficult challenge.

Out of all the animes on this list, And you thought there is never a girl online? is the most relatable and realistic. It discusses the effects of gaming addiction as well as the positive and negative parts of being a gamer. Not to mention the humour, And you thought there is never a girl online? is hilarious.

With plenty of inside jokes for gamers, likeable characters and an overall rather sweet story, you really need to check out And you thought there is never a girl online?

Log Horizonfd514d78d109eef53b6e08439c75234736b3c31a_hq

Much like No Game No Life, I prefer the light novel series to the anime. That being said, the Log Horizon anime is still fantastic.

Players from all over Japan are sucked into their favourite MMORPG and have to adapt to their new home. Our protagonist Shiroe, the Machiavellian with Glasses tries to create a new society for the so-called adventures along with his friends.

What makes Log Horizon stand out for me is just how well it takes advantage of its MMORPG setting. With how combat works, NPCs and MMORPG mechanics. As a lover of MMORPGs I enjoy how well this element is incorporated into the series.

Also, I like how the focus isn’t on non-stop fighting. While there is action in the show, the attention is mostly on characters and how this society is created and how it operates. For me, this is a lot more interesting that FIGHT CONSTANTLY FOR FREEDOM! If I wanted to watch people fight for their freedom, I would watch Braveheart!

giphy-3KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!!

God bless this anime!

KonoSuba is the funniest anime on this list, at least in my humble opinion.

I could go on and on about this show, but I already have before. So I’m going to be a tad lazy and link the article I wrote about it here if you want more detail as I really don’t want to repeat myself.

KonoSuba is a loving parody of the “hero from the ‘real’ world gets summoned to a fantasy world” troupe that seems to be extremely popular lately. Heck, two animes on this very list fall under that category.

I fell in love with this show thanks to its characters, charm and comedy. I’m sure you will too.

Oh, and the second season that came out recently? It’s pretty good.

13cf4da7677906b53b34004d5306d595Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Don’t judge this anime by its title.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? might not be explicitly about games but I think it deserves a spot on this list.

The show is about a young adventurer named Bell Cranel who dreams of being a hero and finding love. He has a crush on a fellow adventurer but is too shy to talk to her, so he decides to become stronger to return the favour. Things take a turn pretty early on, but I am not going to spoil that for you.

In case you are wondering how this title made the list, its because a lot of elements found in RPG games are in this anime. Such as a levelling up system and the fantasy setting.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is an interesting show that I highly recommend.

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Top five unappreciated Christmas films

We all have those holiday classics we watch every December. Whether it is heartwarming tales such as It’s a Wonderful life, comedies like Home Alone or romantic films like

However, for every classic, there is a hidden gem. Films that get unfairly overlooked in favour of the classics. So, I think it is high time to give these movies the attention they deserve. Now, some of these have gotten a fair amount of praise, but not enough in my opinion.

So as we countdown the days until December 25th, let’s countdown the Top Five Unappreciated Christmas films.

  • Arthur Christmastumblr_mdog3g7upi1qc4utoo1_250.gif

This is the only true blue Christmas film on this list, as well as the most recent.

Arthur Christmas follows the title character Arthur, a member of the Claus family, as he tries to make sure a child gets their Christmas present.

When I say that this is a good family film, I don’t mean that it is a family film, well it is, but I mean that this is a fantastic film about family. The way the characters interact, fight and play off each other is not only adorable but fairly accurate if perhaps a tad simplified.

Like the rest of Ardman’s films, it is sweet and charming. If you are in a sentimental mood, consider watching this movie.

  • giphy-7Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

While this film has started to become a bit of a cult classic, I think it has earned its spot here on this list.

What do you get when you have a thief in the guise of an actor, and actress and a Private Eye tied up in a murder mystery? Black comedy gold! So, coal then?

Jokes aside, this is an awesome film. This is almost the textbook definition of black comedy.

  • tumblr_mzhg6uyKSg1r2aobgo1_250.gifIn Bruges

If Die Hard and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang count as Christmas films, then so does In Bruges.

In Bruges is another black comedy, this time about two hitmen in hiding waiting for their boss after they royally screw up.

With laughs, guilt and no Christmas cheer whatsoever. Still, this is a great movie that you need to watch if you haven’t already.

  • anigif_original-grid-image-4729-1419312223-4.gifThe Ref

Back to the proper Christmas films. Kind of.

A robber takes a family falling apart hostage during a heist on Christmas eve. He inadvertently ends up becoming a couples counsellor.

In my less than humble opinion, this is the funniest film on this list as well as the most overlooked. If you get the chance, check it out.

  • DontYouDare.gifTokyo Godfathers

God, this film is amazing.

Tokyo Godfathers is about three homeless people: a teenage girl, a bum and a transgender woman,living on the streets of Japan during Chirstmas. They stumble on a baby in the trash and decide to try to take the little guy home.

The fact that this film was made by the guy behind Perfect Blue was enough to convice me to watch Tokyo Godfathers, and it really is something special. The characters really make this film a unique experince. It is an interesting film that you need to watch this holiday season.


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Top Five Petrifying Pokédex entries

It is no secret that Pokémon has some pretty disturbing elements. We have all read the creepypastas like Hypno’s Lullaby and Lavender Town Syndrome. However, while they may be unsettling, they are nothing compared to real entries in Pokédex’s as well as the implications that go along with them.

I though, since Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming out next month, the final Halloween ramble of 2016 should be about Pokémon.

So, in no particular order, here are five Pokédex entries that creep me out.

5. Yveltal


You know the old saying, if I’m going down I’m taking you will me? Yveltal takes that to a whole new level.

The only legendary Pokémon on this list, Yveltal is not a slacker in the creepy department.

In Y, it is revealed thatWhen its life comes to an end, it absorbs the life energy of every living thing and turns into a cocoon once more.”

So, if it dies, so does everything? Yeesh.

4. Cacturne


Pokemon number 332 is number four on this list.

Cacturne, is apparently a stalker of the night. Don’t take my word for it, it is written in the Sapphire Pokédex “If a traveler is going through a desert in the thick of night, Cacturne will follow in a ragtag group. The Pokémon are biding their time, waiting for the traveler to tire and become incapable of moving.”

So basically, this creepy scarecrow will follow you at night until you are exhausted then will kill you. If one stalker wasn’t enough, it is a team effort with these guys.

Fantastic, just fantastic.

3. Gothorita


Everyone goes on and on about Hypno and that he kidnaps kids. Thing is, he isn’t the only one at it.

Gothorita, according to Pokémon Black is “They use hypnosis to control people and Pokémon. Tales of Gothorita leading people astray are told in every corner.”

To make matters worse, in both Black 2 and White 2 the Pokédex mentions that “According to many old tales, it creates friends for itself by controlling sleeping children on starry nights.”

Old tales? You mean to tell me that Gothorita has been stealing children away from their families for generations? Man, that is messed up!

2. Lampent


I just realized how dumb I am while writing this, as I have only just noticed that Lampent is a cross between lamp and Lament. Now the creepiness makes sense!

According to the Pokédex in Pokémon X, “The spirits it absorbs fuel its baleful fire. It hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on.” Pokémon Black states that “This ominous Pokémon is feared. Through cities it wanders, searching for the spirits of the fallen.”

Lampent seems to be the equivalent of the grim reaper in the Pokémon world (get it?). It is even designed to reference the old belief that when you die you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Though to be fair, if the light was this cute, I would not complain.

1. Gourgeist


With the other Pokémon on this list, you could argue that they mean no ill will. That they only do what they need to do to survive. This is not the case of Gourgeist.

In X “Singing in eerie voices, they wander town streets on the night of the new moon. Anyone who hears their song is cursed.” Okay, that isn’t too bad. However, Y states that “It enwraps its prey in its hairlike arms. It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.”

Gourgeist is the most demented Pokémon ever.

For now, at least. Who knows what surprises Sun and Moon has in store for us!

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Top five favourite Star Trek TOS episodes

As I have said a few times on this blog, Star Trek: The Original Series is my personal favourite in the Star Trek line up. There are so many good episodes that it was hard for me to pick my favourites, but I finally managed to narrow it down to five.

without further ado, I present to you my top five favourite Star Trek: The Original Series episodes.

tumblr_mn8bm5LUaH1qzkm1lo7_250.gif5. The Squire of Gothos

Starting off the list at number five is The Squire of Gothos. This episode is the cheesiest on this list, but I love it!

The crew meet an odd person named Trelane, the self-proclaimed Squire of Gothos. The episode is just the crew trying to deal with a man with who seems to have almost Godlike powers and the mentality of a child.

Trelane is such a fun character, it is a shame we don’t see him again but he was the inspiration for another Godlike character further down the line, Q.

The only downside of this episode is a couple of lines that could be taken the wrong way *cough* Tumblr *cough*. However, it works because of Sulu’s deadpan reaction to it and Trelane’s childlike behaviour shows that there wasn’t any malice behind it. SJWs, put down your pitchforks.

tumblr_nmmhspwxcu1tu7563o8_r1_4004. Shore Leave

Perhaps one of the most random episodes in the original series. Yet at the same time, it is a great character piece.

While scouting out a planet for shore leave, odd things start to happen. They soon discover that the planet brings their thoughts and desires to life.

This episode has some of the best banter between Spock and Kirk. From the back rub scene to Spock expertly manipulating Kirk into shore leave. Bones and Sulu also have some interesting character development.

In the animated series, there is a spinoff episode which is just as charming.

bele-lokai-let-that-be-your-last-battlefield3. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

Yes, this might be one of the most overrated episodes. I know, but it is still a fantastic episode nonetheless.

The story is about two aliens who look the same only with their colours mirrored. This small difference has created a race war that kills all but two of their people.

This is often the episode that gets namedropped when people talk about how Star Trek discussed race issues and how it was ahead of its time. Admittedly it is one of the better episodes of that nature, but for me, I see it as a cautionary tale of what stubbornness and pride can lead to in any conflict of interest whether it be race or just ideologies clashing.

The reason I love this episode is because of how it ends. There is no forced resolution or says “he is right, you are wrong”. In the end, their pride won’t allow them to co-exist, so they continue to fight even when the war is over.

hqdefault-12. Whom Gods Destroy

Shatner at his hammiest.

After beaming down to deliver new medical equipment to an insane asylum, they are captured by the inmates who have taken control of the facility. The leader of the inmates tries to get Kirk to join him.

The villain, Garth, shapeshifts into Kirk in an attempt to get onto the Enterprise, seize control of it and rage war. He fails and has a hissy fit which is hilarious to watch.

Yvonne Craig, of Batman fame, gives an amazing performance as Martha. I really wish we could have seen more of her, but I don’t know how they could have done that and I’m not just talking about what happens to her.

tumblr_ndnvjkfOPy1sg3vmpo4_250.gif1. A Piece of the Action

My personal favourite episode.

Kirk, Spock and Bones are captured by aliens who have based their society off 1920’s gangsters. Hijinks ensue.

Kirk’s sly and manipulative side is on full display. Poor Spock can’t keep up! To be fair, he may be an excellent starship captain but as a taxi driver, he leaves much to be desired.

I am not quite sure why I love this episode so much, but this is the episode I keep rewatching over and over again. There is a charm to it I just can’t put my finger on. Maybe it is all the confused reactions from Spock and Scotty, the silly premise or the fact that Kirk forces two men to strip. I don’t know, but I love it so much.

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Top Five nightmarish Vocaloid songs


I love Vocaloid, with all the creative songs out there it is hard not to fall for the cute animation and upbeat melody. However, once you start listening to songs besides Word is Mine you quickly fall into the darker side of Vocaloid.

As you know, pretty much anyone can create their own Vocaloid song which allows a lot of people to make their own unique song about anything they want. Sometimes it’s a cute song, or it can be a song about a real life child killer and cannibal. Lovely!

So, in honour of these demented songs, there are the top five Vocaloid songs that made me lose sleep. The songs will be ranked from terrifying to making H.P Lovecraft look like Dr. Seuss. Also, these are songs that personally freaked me out. If you think I missed a song that put you off sleeping, comment below.


  • Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance

As much as I love this song, it does lose its freak factor bit by bit every time I listen to it. However, it was the first freaky Vocaloid song I heard (unless you count Game of Life) and for that, it gets a spot on this list.

The song is about a stalker Miku and the lengths she goes to for her obsession Kaito. God help you if you get in the way between her and her ‘true love’.

Some say they see this song as a Yandere story, I can see where they are coming from, but I can’t say I agree. However, this is a creepy song with good visuals and interesting story. Loses a couple of scary points due to the use of LOL twice.


  • Beheading Dance hqdefault

Why? Why does this song exist?

The rest of the songs on this list have a clear story, while Beheading Dance is about the village that Miku and Gumi live in. If I lived there, I would move as soon as possible.

The lyrics are messed up (as to be expected) but the real horror for me is the music. The tempo mixed with traditional music is terrifying to me.

The visuals get worse and worse as the song goes on. With Miku and Gumi bleeding from their eyes. Not to mention the sketchiness of the art style adds to the unsettling feeling of the song.



  • Fear Garden 

I had a lot of mixed feelings about this song, and debated with myself on whether or not to include it on the list.

After pacing around the room for half a hour I though it would be wrong to not give this song a spot. After all, it ticks all the boxes.

Sure, the premise is scary, Rin runs around chopping the arms off everyone she can and plants them in her garden. But what really creeps me out is the music.

With high pitched music with distortion that cuts through you as you listen mixed with visuals of her victims crying out for mercy.


  • Okaasan

Normally mothers protect and care for their children. Apparently, Miku’s mother is an exception.

The song is sung by Miku who begs you to leave before her mother comes home. At the end of theach song Miku is killed by her mother. The simple distortion at the end really freaks me out.

The fast tempo gives the song a sense of urgency. This song has a secret, which is if you play the song backwards there is a hidden message.

I honestly can’t listen to this song in one sitting. It terrifies me.


  • Secrets of Wysteria

The latest song on the list is also the most messed up.

Based on the murder of Grace Budd, the song discribes the brutality of her murder. The doodle-like visuals with a black, white and redebated colour palette remind me of the drawings from the babadook.

Like Okaasan the song has a hidden message that is revealed when you play it backwards. The murderer, Albert Fish, sent Grace’s parents a letter discribing how he killed and ate their 10 year old daughter. If played backwards you can hear the letter read out.

At first, I didn’t know this was based off real events. However, when I found out I looked up Albert Fish. Boy, I regret that. He was a disturbing man with three confirmed child murders and it was suspected that he had killed more. I couldn’t sleep after reading about him.