Level 24

Yesterday I reached a new level in this game called life. Gods, I feel old. This year we had a chilled celebration. My parents, sister, and I simply hung out and did some shopping. I treated myself to a new face mask since it looks like we are going to have to keep using them... Continue Reading →

No Post Today

Sorry lads, no post today. Things have been a bit mental as of late, so I was unable to write something. Well, I did get something typed up, but it wasn't up to my standards so it will not see the light of day until it looks presentable. However, this wasn't possible for this deadline.... Continue Reading →

Phase in, Phase out

At the time of writing, Scotland is in Phase Two on easing lockdown restrictions. Halfway there. I am starting to worry about how the lockdown might affect me when it finally ends. Again, I am one of the lucky ones so I can’t complain. Namely, my job is secure and I’m living with family. However,... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Check In

How is everyone holding up? Funnily enough, I think I'm doing better now than I was back when I wrote Cabin Fever. Probably because I have gotten used to how things operate now. Since then I have been making more of an effort to get into routines. Keeping busy seems to work, for instance. Whether that's... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Book

The difference between a good book and a great one is that the later leaves an impression on you longer than the former. Chances are if you asked me about what books I read last year, there are only about six I could go into deep detail about off the top of my head, even... Continue Reading →

A New Adventure

I am not ready for this. Tomorrow is the last session of the Fates Folly campaign. The D&D campaign we have been playing for over two years now. It all comes down to this. Will our band of heroes save the world, or will they fail at the last hurdle? This is emotional enough for... Continue Reading →

Cabin Fever

Look, I know I have no place to complain. I am safe, living with family and financially fine. There are folk out there in far worse situations than I and would swap with me in a heartbeat. I fear that I am going to come across as a privileged jerk but I need to get... Continue Reading →

Page Turner: The Hobbit

At this rate, being locked in my own home will give me enough time to read all the Lord of the Ring books. Time will tell, and with the official UK Lockdown that started on Monday, looks like I have a nothing but time on my hands. While this was my first time reading the... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Quality Time

Don't worry, I haven't caught it myself. I am fine and I hope it stays that way. However, Coronavirus has already started impacting my local community. As of a few days ago schools, pubs and other public areas have been closed. There are even rumours floating around that a lockdown might start soon. My friend... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award

Blogging Awards are a lot of fun. It's always nice to be nominated and share the tag with other bloggers. It's like a mini-community event. This time I have been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by YumDeku from Myanime2go. The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto Enigma, who said; The Mystery Blogger Award is an... Continue Reading →

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