Returning in 2020

The title is somewhat off, since only Half-Life: Alyx is confirmed for a 2020 release, Saints Row V (not the official name) is getting revealed in 2020 but close enough. Needless to say, what a week for gaming news. First Saints Row V then Half-Life: Alyx a few days later. Not exactly the Half-Life 3... Continue Reading →

McElroys and Marvel

I am so excited about this team up! Marvel announced that they are working with the McElroy brothers (Griffin, Travis and Justin), the lads behind My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Adventure Zone to create a miniseries of comics for the War of the Realms Event. The five-part series is called War of the Realms:... Continue Reading →

Battle Out of Hell Against Hades

Three days ago, Supergiant Games, the developers behind Transistor, Bastion and Pyre released their newest game Hades on Early Access. From what I have seen, it looks promising. For a while, I used to avoid Early Access games like the plague but after playing My Time At Porta I have a bit more faith in Early... Continue Reading →

New Alien Game?

While scrolling the internet trying to find something interesting I stumbled on something that caught my wandering attention. A possible new Alien game. It was spotted on the WIPO Global Brand Database that 20th Century Fox has trademarked the name Alien: Blackout a few days ago. Now, at the time of writing Fox hasn't released... Continue Reading →

Doom Release Date Leaked

Amazon France has leaked information regarding the release date of the highly anticipated FPS game Doom. According to the Amazon France page, Doom is to be released on the 30th of June. The last Doom game came out 11 years ago, so it’s fair to say that fans of the franchise have waited long enough... Continue Reading →

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