Top Five E3 2018 Annoucements

Before I continue I feel that I should mention the fact that this is being written at nearly 11pm UK time on the 13th so chances are there might be some awesome announcements out now but I missed them.   Moving on. Overall, this has been a rather interesting E3. Some promising games have been... Continue Reading →

Top Four Guilty Pleasure Games

Let's be honest for a minute, fellow gamers. We all have a few games on our shelves or in our Steam Libraries we don't want people to see, let alone tell others that we enjoy them. Well, I figured I might as well talk about mine in hopes I can maybe start a conversation about... Continue Reading →

Top Five comedy anime

With today being April Fools Day, or as I like to call it the one day of the year where my trust issues are justified, I thought it would be a good time to talk about my favourite comedy animes. Before we begin I just want to point out that these are my opinions, if you... Continue Reading →

Top Five South Park Episodes

My second South Park ramble in a row, I refuse to apologize. Don't blame me, blame The Fractured But Whole. Not only is that game a blast but has reignited my love for the show. So much so that I started binge watching my favourite seasons. Speaking of which, I thought I would share my personal... Continue Reading →

Top Four of 2017

With 2017 (finally) coming to a close I wanted to talk about some of the good things this year gave us. So I picked categories each with a winner and two honourable mentions. Here are my picks for the Top Four of 2017. As a heads up this is a personal list if you are... Continue Reading →

Top four upcoming anime

Leaves are falling off the trees and PSLs are back in Starbucks, it's time for a new season for anime! There is a fair amount of titles coming our way, and even then there are some that haven't been announced or confirmed yet. So, I picked out five anime from the upcoming season that have... Continue Reading →

Top four awesome Easter Eggs

As kids, many of us took part in Easter Egg hunts. Now, instead of hunting oblong shaped chocolate in the back garden or local park, we search for hidden references or jokes in our favourite games. So, in honour of this time of year, here are just five of the countless Easter Eggs scattered throughout games. What's... Continue Reading →

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