The bookshop that stole my heart

I think I found the best bookshop in the UK. Earlier this week I went on a family holiday to Northumberland and had a blast. We went to Alnwick Castle, survived the haunted Chillingham Castle and made a dent in the local fish population. However, one place, in particular, stole my heart, Barter Books. Built... Continue Reading →

Three times the charm

It is nearly here. In two days time, MCM Scotland Comic Con will commence! This is my third year going and I can't wait! I have my cosplay ready, I've saved up and I have my supplies together. However, I thought it might be interesting to talk about my last two cons while we wait for... Continue Reading →

Overwatch Summer Games 2017

Good news, heroes! Next week the Overwatch Summer Games shall return! That is not the only thing to return to Overwatch, as the skins from last years event will be available once more. On top of that, they will be 1000 each rather than 3000. I was over the moon when I found out, as I missed... Continue Reading →

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Show

You heard right, Cowboy Bebop is getting a live-action television series. Sunrise, the animation studio who created the original cult classic anime series, is teaming up with ITV Studios and television producer Marty Adelstein. Adelstein has previously worked on Teen Wolf, Aquarius and Prison Break: Resurrection. I have not seen any of these so I don't have an opinion on... Continue Reading →

Monkey business in Overwatch

The Overwatch anniversary event isn't even over yet and we are already getting new information about upcoming editions to the game. Last night, Blizzard announced that a test patch is now available on PC. While this is great news for some, for console gamers like myself the news is bittersweet. True, we are getting trailers and news... Continue Reading →

Geralt is coming to Netflix

Just as I was beginning to calm down from the news about the Deadpool and Judge Dredd shows, the news broke about the latest adaptation Netflix is working on. A live action series of The Witcher Saga. Thank you, Netflix! From what I can gleam, the show will follow the book series that the games are... Continue Reading →

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