Road to Rai Con (The Six Best Pieces of Advice for Con Goers)

Like many other anime fans in Glasgow, I am counting down the days for Rai Con: Glasgow’s very own anime convention! True, we already have a couple of conventions held annually here in Glasgow, like MCM Comic Con Scotland, and Film and Comic Con Glasgow (Collectormania) - but that is about it. The majority of... Continue Reading →

Top five worst mothers in fiction

Today is Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate all the hard work and sacrifices our mothers have made for us over the years. Most mothers are understanding, caring and will do anything for their kids. However this isn’t always the case. I honestly considered making a list of the best mothers in fiction, but that... Continue Reading →

Top five unappreciated characters

When you watch or read something chances are you are drawn to a certain character. Maybe this is just me, but often the character I’m drawn to is either a secondary or background character. Or the show creates a great character but they are reduced to a one-shot character. That really annoys me. So, here... Continue Reading →


With Pokémon’s 20th anniversary yesterday, I have fallen back into pokémania. I spent most of yesterday rewatching the anime and belting out the theme song, much to the annoyance of my family. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the new game! Shame, since it looks like I have a lot of waiting to do.... Continue Reading →

Dumb Theories

One of the great parts about being in the nerd community is without a doubt the discussions you get involved in. Particularly ones discussing theories. The internet is filled of these interesting theories. There are a lot out there that are not only plausible but often well-argued and fascinating. In some cases it turns out... Continue Reading →

Cosplay Harassment

This is an open letter to all the people out there who are unaware that the way you talk to cosplayers makes us extremely uncomfortable at best, and feel violated at worse. We know you are trying to be nice and complimentary. We understand that you think it’s charming. However, being completely honest, your comments are... Continue Reading →

Top five Gateway anime

As an anime fan, I have been asked every now and again for anime recommendations. There is a wide selection of anime genres to choose from, not to mention sub-genres. So much so that it can be overwhelming and confusing to newcomers. That isn’t even touching the weird aspects of anime that put a lot... Continue Reading →

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