Update on Nerd Rambles

Hi, folks!

This has been a long time coming.

I’ve discussed a few times how I sometimes struggle to write posts. Sometimes it would be because I had a lot going on that week, which will be more likely to happen with recent changes at work (I’ve been promoted to full-time). Other times I would fall victim to the evil that is writer’s block. Maybe I was having a bad episode with my mental health.

To put it simply, trying to force content biweekly made running this little blog a bit stressful, as well as posting apologies almost monthly for missing deadlines. I would feel guilty for not being able to write content worthy of being read, even when I had understandable reasons. No matter what it was, I felt horrid posting an apology.

The thing is, there isn’t any pressure on me to write, or rather there shouldn’t be. I’m doing this for fun, after all. On multiple occasions, fellow bloggers have said that I should take breaks and step back now and then, yet I couldn’t bring myself to. I felt as though not posting something, even just an apology, was me failing. Even though I take pride in my blog, I felt like a fraud for not having piles of content ready at the push of a button.

That has changed this year.

While I aim to post on Thursdays and Sundays, I’m going to take a little step back. Going forward, if I don’t have anything to post, I will not rush something or post an apology. This change means I could go a little while without posting, so if there is a dry spell of content, you know why. I’m hopeful this new change will help eliminate some of the stress from writing.

This evolution of sorts has already been working. I still feel a bit bad missing a deadline, but it doesn’t feel soul-crushing anymore. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My passion for writing has started coming back, so I might go back to writing longer posts in the future, perhaps one of those a week instead of two short ones. Would that interest you? Although I will ultimately decide on what is best for me, I would love to hear your thoughts about this shift.

I hope you will continue to enjoy my rants and raving ramblings in the future. Thank you for understanding.

One thought on “Update on Nerd Rambles

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  1. From a autistic point of you I completely understand where you are you are coming from. Blogging is one of
    These in explainable hobbies I find you either stick with or dump all together. I can’t delete my blog no matter how many times I’ve just said fuck it. But the pull back is hard not too and I realised blogging makes me feel alive, releases the eternal stresses. I hope you find that feeling that blogging makes you feel alive of what your writing about because that is what a hobby should be something that makes us feel alive.

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