No Post Today

Do you know that moment when you agree to help with a bunch of projects? At first, you think it’s not too much, a bit here and a bit there. Then it piles up and up because you can’t bring yourself to say no. Deadlines start rapidly approaching and what you thought would be easy enough to do in an hour or so is now a seemingly endless task with more you haven’t even touched yet.

That’s the mess I’ve gotten myself into.

Mostly for work and family, but I offered to crochet a bunch of stuff. Stockings for grandkids, decorations for work, that kind of thing. Yarn isn’t cheap, as I have come to find out. At first, it was fun and all, but now I fret and fuss over my projects. I want them to be perfect. I am stressed out and under pressure, self-inflicted or not. I can’t bring myself to take a step back as it feels like that ship has sailed.

Any free time I have is spent crafting these creations. So, I have next to no time or energy to write. I have several ideas but no energy to write. I am sure I can finish a fair chunk of these crafts soonish so I hope I can go back to my regular writing schedule soon enough.

Thank you for understanding!

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