Meet Hecate Iriosal

A new campaign means a new character!

I mentioned in my last ramble about the new Out of the Abyss game my group are starting tomorrow that I would introduce you to my newest character. Well, here she is in all her glory! 

Hecate by the talented Mimmikko

Hecate Iriosal is a water genasi druid. Like Daphne Lethe, my previous character, her name comes from greek mythology. Hecate is the goddess of the moon, magic and witchcraft. Her surname is Scottish Gaelic for Irritable. Yeah, not exactly deep there as she is simply easily irritated, so I just looked up what that was in Scottish Gaelic. This a trick I learned back when I was making monsters for my homebrew campaign. Want something fantastical sounding? Look up a characteristic of the creature in question in Gaelic. Boom, there is the perfect name right there. Try it yourself sometime, as it is a lifesaver. 

Hecate was born to parents Perses and Asteria. They lived on the edge of a quaint little village. They lived a simple life surrounded by nature. Her mother, Asteria, was the local apothecary, offering simple medicines and magical aids to the close nit community. She taught her daughter everything she knew about flowers and plants. Which ones could heal and which could harm. Her father, Perses, was a fisherman who loved telling his little one about the sea and his adventures. He was away a fair bit for work but doted on his wife and daughter whenever possible. Both of them raised Hecate to the importance of the natural world around her. How to use it as well as how it must be respected. 

Hecate loved helping her mother in the garden and would listen intently to her father’s tales and sea shanties. While she was close to her parents, he struggled to make friends with the village children. They dreamed about moving to the big cities and living a life of convenience which confused Hecate. Why would you want to live a life in a lifeless city with no nature?

Over time, this small village grew into a thriving city. One with major manufacturers polluting the natural environment. Hecate was less than enthused. She feared that this would do irreversible damage to the natural world. She tried to rally those around her to protest and stop this madness, but they didn’t care. While some did understand the negative side, the positives outweighed the cost in their minds. These brought new jobs and opportunities to the once-humble town. It was on its way to becoming something great. Hecate, being a bit narrow-minded, didn’t care. 

So she took matters into her own hands.

She waited until the dead of night when most, if not all, of the employees, vacated the factory premises. When the moon was high in the sky, she struck. She set the buildings ablaze with more than a few kegs of black powder thrown in for good measure. Destroying the evil once and for all. 

Needless to say, when the morning light exposed the irreversible damage down to the financial heart of the city it was easy to figure out who was responsible. She wasn’t exactly subtle in her opinions. By the time the local authorities arrived at the Iriosal household, it was clear that she was long gone. As if she disappeared into the night air. 

She ran far away, living off the land and feeling more alive than ever. She settled down in a cave by the sea, far away from any remnants of civilization. She began to sleep during the day so she could bask in the moonlight, staring up at the night sky and enjoying how the world seemed softer and peaceful in the moon’s gentle glow. 

Hecate is the first character I’ve made who is not a good person. One ended up being questionable at best but was originally a decent girl. I described her to my party as a bit of an eco-terrorist. She is also the first character I’ve made who is anti-social, if not downright hostile. The rest have all been relatively friendly and well-intentioned, while Hecate has a very low tolerance for anything she disagrees with and suffers no fools. 

I like to make mood boards and playlists for the characters I create. It sounds cheesy, but it helps me get into their mindset. I listen to their playlists before sessions too. Here is Hecate’s if you want to give it a listen. 

I’ve had a lot of fun making her, and I can’t wait to debut her tomorrow!

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