Reading Recap: August

So glad to see the end of summer in sight. It has been a scorcher this year, and continues to be for a few weeks I think. However, every now and then you get a little hit of the crisp air coming and I get excited every time. 

I was on a bit of a poetry kick this month. I ended up reading three poetry books. I’m unsure why, but I am not complaining. 

On to the books!

Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminsky

Deaf Republic isn’t a novel I would typically read. I picked it up to meet one of the prompts for my PopSugar reading challenge. However, I am so glad I did because this book is stunning. 

This poetic story follows the events after an innocent deaf boy is killed by the police. Being deaf becomes a way to resist and fight the unfair powers. 

It is a brutal tale, about fighting back and the cost of rebellion. This novel is a must-read. 

My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson

Until recently, I had never read anything by Dickinson. After a push from a co-worker, I decided to give her poetry a shot.

It was pretty good, emotional and vivid. 

Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims

I was going to save this for the spooky season, but I couldn’t wait.

Our story revolves around Banyan Court, London. A split residential complex, one for the ultra-rich (or those attempting to pass off as such) and the poor. 

One half lives like kings, the other barely surviving. However, there is a connection between the residents of both sides when supernatural horrors come out to play. Revealing the horrific past of Banyan Court, unspeakable deeds and history that refuses to stay dead.

A great haunted house story that elevates the troupe. Disturbing and creative with a very satisfying payoff. 

The Arctic by Don Paterson

Again with the poetry, no idea why but I’m not complaining. 

This anthology is set in a pub called The Arctic, frequented by survivors of several kinds of the apocalypse. Each survivor has their own story to share with the reader.

Dynamic and stirring stuff.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? by Lee Israel

Ever wanted to hear the criminal’s side of the crime? Here is your chance.

Can You Ever Forgive Me?: Memoirs of a Literary Forger by Lee Israel is a confessional novel about her crimes. 

After her writing career deteriorates along with her finances Israel has to start selling off her prized possessions to keep herself and her cat alive. When she sold her letters written by literary giants, she saw how much they are worth, which gave her an idea. So she got to work, forging letters. Over 400 letters from dead authors and actors.

A quick and entertaining read about a rather remarkable criminal enterprise. 

Zeus is a Dick by Susie Donkin

Want to read about greek gods but you aren’t interested in anything too dense? Then this is the book for you!

It’s a retelling of key myths but in a modern jokey way. Calling out the blatant sexism and how questionable the gods are, namely Zeus. I was chuckling nonstop while reading this book. I loved her take on the Hades and Persephone story in particular.

Great for those knowledgeable of the classics and newcomers alike.

Currently Reading:

1984 by George Orwell

I’m trying to catch up with classics that I should have read by now, or at least according to bookish friends. Also, banned book week is coming up, so it seemed appropriate. 

So far, I am enjoying this influential novel. Even though I already know the plot I am getting a kick out of the original. 

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