Reading Goal Check-In

Fun fact, yesterday was the halfway point of the year!

Since we are halfway through this year, I thought it was high time
to check on my reading stats.

As of today, I have read 38 books! Meaning I am about halfway towards my reading goal of 70 books. I am rather chuffed with that since I still have a fair amount of time to meet or beat this goal. I am cautiously optimistic that I will achieve it.

As for the books in question, according to TheStorygraph, 83% of them were fiction, while the other 17% were non-fiction. I tended to read short stories, classics and science fiction. Going forward I’m going to try and read more non-fiction to try and balance the books a bit. If you know of any good ones, please let me know!

I am exactly halfway through the PopSugar Challenge. I’ll be honest this challenge is more formidable than I first thought. Finding books that fit some of the prompts has been a challenge in and of itself. I understand that this is the whole point of the challenge, but I am struggling a bit. I have been using GoodReads lists, but more often than not when I finally find a book that interests me, it is hard to get here. I refuse to buy books on Amazon for personal reasons, so that isn’t an option.

How is your reading coming along? What has been the best book you have read this year? Please, let me know!

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  1. Well done on getting so far with your reading challenges! I’m falling a bit behind with my Popsugar Challenge reading but I’m pretty confident I can make up ground in the second half of the year. You’re right about the prompts being tricky. Without the Goodreads lists, some of them would have had me completely stumped.

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