New Obsession: My Time at Sandrock

Gamers, you know that feeling when you start playing a new game, then something in your gut goes, “oh, this is the start of an addiction”?

That happened when I was less than ten minutes into My Time At Sandrock.

My Time At Sandrock is a casual RPG where you play as a builder moving to the desert town of Sandrock. A place where the land is dry and hot, but the folk are friendly and helpful. It is up to you and your fellow builders to help the town reclaim its glory days, address infrastructure issues, and overall be a positive member of this small community.

You start from the bottom and grow and flourish when you help out. Whether by crafting building commissions, participating in community events or just being a good neighbour. You get to explore a lost world from before the great calamity in forgotten ruins and the wide-open desert. 

As you progress through the game, you learn about the town’s history and the folk who call it home. Maybe you might even find love?

Being an early access game there are a few bugs here and there, but nothing game-breaking for the most part. Other than that, the game is a lot of fun. The gameplay is straightforward and, for the most part, lets you do what you would like.

I adored the first game from this series, My Time at Portia. So far, Sandrock feels like a more polished version of the previous adventure. For example, the Abandoned Ruins have received an upgrade. You now work your way through them, exploring the ancient Paradice Lost Shopping Mall.

My best friend, who got me into Portia and Sandrock, pointed out that numerous reviews have complained about the other builder, Mi-An. Apparently, they feel like the player feels like a second fiddle to her. I can’t agree with this at all. She is sweet and helpful. The two of you are working together to fix the town, not competing. The only one you are vying with is Yan, who I hate, although I think you are meant to since he is so rude, arrogant and lazy. 

So far, I’m loving My Time at Portia. It is a fun and chilled-out game. A great game to play to cheer yourself up. I highly recommend it! 

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