Friday the 13th Read-A-Like

I am so excited about tomorrow! It’s Friday the 13th!

I know that tomorrow is considered an unlucky day, but I tend to have a lot of good luck. That, and as a diehard fan of the Friday the 13th horror franchise, it’s a great excuse to binge-watch the films. 

For this Read-A-Like, I focused on horror novels that either; take place in summer, are set in the 80s/80s vibes or are set at a camp of some sort. Bonus points if they hit more than one target. I found three that fit the brief.

Before we get started, there are two honorary mentions. First off, the spin-off novels, particularly the ones by Eric Morse. The only downside is these books have fallen out of print, but some YouTubers, such as The Slash Trax Network W/ 80’s Slasher Librarian, have turned them into free audiobooks. Well worth a listen tomorrow.

Also, I have crafted a similar list in the past. That was to celebrate the release of the new Scream film. There are some brilliant books I would have mentioned, but I didn’t want to repeat myself. So for more great slasher novels, please check that out.

Who doesn’t love water parks? Well, thirteen-year-old Cyndi doesn’t after the events in Kill River by Cameron Roubique. After Cyndi and her new pals escape their summer campgrounds, they stumble on an abandoned water park. Things are fun until a masked maniac enters the picture. 

Set in the 80s and filled with classic nostalgic horror vibes, this novel and its sequel are perfect for any Friday the 13th fans.

The Troop by Nick Cutter follows scoutmaster Tim Riggs and his troop of young boys as they take part in the traditional three-day camping trip in the wilderness. It seems like the expedition is going well, as expected. However, an unusually pale and tall man fumbles into their campsite. A victim of an unspeakable evil bioengineered nightmare. Now the boys have more to worry about than foraging, it’s a fight for survival against the elements, the infection and even each other.

Old school horror approved by Stephen King himself. It should make for some terrifyingly good reading tomorrow. 

Friday the 13th meets Sharp Objects in Under the Blade by Matt Serafini. 25 years ago, a teenage camp counsellor was able to take down Cyrus Hoyt after, ending his murder spree. Wounding him before barely escaping with her own life. Now she is returning once again to Camp Forest Grove, after taking a life-changing publishing deal she digs deeper into Hoyt’s past, digging up more skeletons tied to the camp.

Burdened by not only the trama of that night but a long-kept secret that she might be dying to keep.

Since tomorrow is a day deemed unlucky, be careful! No walking under ladders, opening umbrellas indoors and whatever you do, don’t walk alone at night at Camp Crystal Lake.

Good luck! 

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