My Reading Pathway and How to Find Yours

As part of the Reading Glasses 2022 Challenge, I was tasked with figuring out what my reading pathway is. In essence, this means figuring out what makes you pick up a book in the first place. Why did you choose to read this novel over that one? I thought it might be fun to share mine, and hopefully help you discover yours.

First off, and this makes me look extremely shallow, but how pretty the cover is. I am very aware of the phrase “do not judge a book by its cover” but I can’t help it. This admittedly is more often the case when I am in bookshops rather than libraries. I like to buy aesthetically pleasing books. I will pay a bit more if the cover on that edition is prettier than the other. Again, I know it is superficial, but at least I am honest.

Cute cats, creepy forests or stary skies tend to catch my eye. Or if the cover is designed to look old and cursed. The creepier, the better. I’m also a sucker for decorative pages and sprayed edges. Even if it is as simple as a different colour but you receive bonus points if there is a pretty design.

On the note of covers, I see that it has been compared to a book or author I enjoy then I will give it a shot. The amount of crime and true crime novels I have picked up because the cover invoked the name of Agatha Christie is almost shameful. Also, if an author I adore gives a book a glowing appraisal, I will read it.

If I see certain words on the cover or in reviews, I will seek them out. Namely: magic realism, queer, gothic, dark academia, Lovecraftian, unreliable narrator or mythology.

Better still, anything connected to Greek myths will be added to my TBR in seconds. Retellings, essays or graphic novels, It doesn’t matter, I will read them.

What about you? What makes you pick up a new novel (even though you have serval still at home you haven’t touched)? Please share your reading pathway with me!

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