Spring Reading List 2022

Happy World Book Day!

Hey, an international excuse to read, what’s not to love?

With the seasons changing this month, it means it’s time for another reading list for the coming season. Honesty, Spring can’t come soon enough. I am getting sick of the winter chill, so I am looking forward to warmer weather and seeing the sun. Although I should probably also start stockpiling antihistamines, my hayfever might be starting up any day now.

But you didn’t come here for me complaining about allergies, you are here for the books. Let’s get back on topic with the first book.

Dune by Frank Herbert

Despite my love for all things SciFi, I have barely read any these past few years. It’s time I did something about that, and what better book to get back into the genre with than Dune

I have a paperback copy of this novel tucked away in my little library that I keep telling myself I will read. It’s been about two years since I purchased it. 

I swear, I will read it this year. 

I mean, the book is one of the world’s best-selling SciFi novels of all time. So it has to be good, right?

The story follows Paul Atreides who, despite his young age, has immense pressure is on him to protect his people. Even if that means travelling to the most dangerous planet in the universe. Filled with betrayal, battling brutal environments and drugs it promises to be an interesting read.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Speaking of novels that I should have read by now but have failed to. 

Spring and autumn scream “classic literature” to me, and I have no idea why. This year, I intend to read one of my mother’s favourite books, Pride and Prejudice.

This book is a bit out of my comfort zone, being a romance and all, but I am at least going to give it a fair shot. I do love classics, but mostly gothic novels so this is a bit out of my wheelhouse. That being said, it is worth trying with an open mind.

A Room With a View by E.M. Forster

If there was ever a time to read a story about freedom and oppression, it would be now.

Lucy is raised and arguably kept effectively captive by restrictive values. It isn’t until a trip to Italy that things start to change. After meeting unconventional characters who open her eyes to new perspectives and opportunities. She feels torn between the life path she is expected to follow, and the new liberal ideologies she finds herself drawn to. When push comes to shove, what will she pick? Her family and their expectations, or freedom?

Something about this novel spoke to me during my recent library visit, I simply had to take it. The plot sounds promising.

Weird Woods: Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain

When I think spring, I think of woods and forests covered in bright flowers. I get the impression that isn’t the kind of surprise I will find in these woods, but you get the idea.

Weird Woods is my short horror story collection for spring. It’s a smaller collection containing 12 classic creepy tales. The Tales of the Weird series has yet to let me down, so I am confident this will both entertain and spook me.

What are you planning on reading this season? Let me know!

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