The ✨Eximius✨ Blogger Award

What is the Eximius Blogger Award?

The Eximius Blogger Award is an award which symbolises the exceptionality of every blogger. Eximius is the Latin word for exceptional, and this award is created to honour the exceptionality or uniqueness of every blogger out there. This award is for all those bloggers who put an insane amount of effort and thought into all of their posts and come up with exceptional content! This award is all about you!


  1. Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog post. 
  2. List the rules
  3. Tag the original creator: Riddhi @Whispering Stories and the person who nominated you!
  4. Mention the most exceptional thing about you and your blog (One about you and one about your blog).
  5. Mention one thing you find exceptional about the blogger who nominated you (To show love for the blogging community!)
  6. Answer the three questions posed by the person who nominated you.
  7. Share your favourite blog post that you’ve written.
  8. Tag 7 people! (Because 7 is such a magical number!)

The Exceptional Thing About Me

My creativity and trivia knowledge. 

I come into my own at pub quizzes and the like. I am a fountain of useless knowledge. What to know behind the scenes movie trivia? Or maybe the origins of Greek Gods? That I can do. Anything you need to know about being a functional human? Yeah, I can’t help you there.

The Exceptional Thing About My Blog

My headers. I put a lot of work into them, and they have evolved over the years. 

The Exceptional Thing About The Person Who Nominated Me

Her exceptional support.

TheCornerofLaura has supported Nerd Rambles since 2019. She often leaves kind and insightful comments on my reviews. I love reading her comments!

TheCornerofLaura’s Questions:

What’s the one thing you have had exceptionally good luck with in your life so far (e.g. your trains have always been on time, your pancakes are always perfect, etc)?

I have always been lucky about bugs and sickness. I get over illness quicker and tend to not get sick as often as those around me. Hell, I live with my parents and both came down with Covid yet I didn’t get it. 

Do you collect anything?

I collect books. I often joke that reading books and buying books are two different hobbies. I am trying to collect old copies of Agatha Christie novels. I have around twelve at last count. 

I also collect candles (namely bookish ones), pillows, perfume and scarves.

Not quite at this level, but getting there!

What is one show you want to binge but never seem to have the time for?

This feels like a bit of a cop-out, but I have been wanting to get back into anime, but they tend to have so many episodes that it intimidates me. Just look at Fairy Tail and One Piece!

My Questions

  1. What is your go-to comfort show/book? 
  2. Who was your first fictional crush?
  3. If you could have any magical power, what would you pick?

At the time of writing, my favourite post to date is Immersive Reading: How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading Experience. If you haven’t read it, please check it out!

  1. Crow’s World of Anime
  2. Al’s Manga Blog
  3. Matt Doyle Media
  4. Mechanical Anime Reviews
  5. I drink and watch anime
  6. 100 Word Anime
  7. Fred – This is my place

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  1. Great answers! I’d love to have the time to go back into anime too. I’d especially love to have the time to go back to the animes I used to love (like ‘Death Note’ and ‘Soul Eater’) to see if they still hold up.

    Liked by 1 person

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