2022 New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I am still in shock about the fact that it is indeed 2022. 2021 may have been a rough year, but it was a quick one too. Let us hope that 2022 will be a much better year.

So, with a new year starting, comes new year resolutions. Something I do not have a good track record with. Hell, the only resolution I had last year was to read 25 books. Considering that I ended the year with 67 under my belt, I think I achieved that one. 

I think the issue was that I was setting too grand a goal to beat. So this year, I am going to scale it back a bit.

Here is the obligatory one, losing weight. I set myself the goal last year to lose a stone, which didn’t work funnily enough. So this year, my goal is to simply lose what I can. Any progress is good progress after all. Being in isolation for a week made me drop four pounds, so it does seem to be a snacking issue more than anything else. Meaning that if I can curb or scale back my snacking habits, then I should do alright this year. That is easier said than done, but it is worth a shot.

My other big focus for the year is to build up healthy habits. If you know me, you will know that I am a very disorganised person who tends to live on the messy side. I am going to try and address that by setting up a cleaning schedule to prevent my room from turning into a pigsty. I doubt I will ever be Marie Kondo, but I want to get better at keeping on top of my chores.

I have set some reading goals for the year. Like last year, I have two different reading goals in terms of how much I want to read. Officially, my number to reach is 50. However, I also want to beat last years total reading of 67. I don’t want to set my goal that high because I would be crushed if I failed to do so, so 50 is the compromise. 

Something I noticed in my end of year stats from The Storygraph was that I didn’t read a lot of non-fiction. Ten in total in fact, so this year I plan on reading more non-fiction. I have already picked up a couple from my local library that sound promising. The one I am the most excited to read is Culture Warlords: My Journey into the Dark Web of White Supremacy by Talia Lavin.

Outside of that, I am taking part in two reading challenges. The POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, which is pretty intimidating with 50 books, and the Reading Glasses one that hasn’t been released yet. I have been doing the Reading Glasses one for the past two years and I am going to keep with it. 

What are your goals for the new year? Please let me know!

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  1. I haven’t set myself a reading challenge on story graph this year but like last year I’m hoping that I can beat my total last year. Though seen as it’s not an official challenge I won’t be crushed if I don’t make it. I also need to pick up more non-fiction so will be watching for your reviews of them to get some ideas

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      1. I’m also doing the Booklist Queen reading challenge (that’s another biggie) and the ‘Be Sure’-Athon in January. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also created a few reading challenges of my own so my reading schedule is very packed indeed!

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