No Post Today

Well, it happened, my parents have caught Covid.

My mum has been sick for a few days now, but it was only this morning that the tests came back positive, and she has already passed it to my dad. So to be safe, I’m going to get a test done. The at-home test came back negative, but we aren’t risking it.

I’ll be honest, I am fighting back a panic attack. I need to be strong right now, but hearing my parents cough so violently through the walls breaks my heart. I am terrified for them.

We have already come up with a plan for how we move from here. What rooms I can go in, what rooms are theirs and that sort of thing. Depending on my result I might not be able to go to work. I haven’t been this scared since the first lockdown.

Thanks to the stress and panic, I can’t concentrate well enough to finish my review, hence why there isn’t a proper post today.

Thank you for your understanding, fingers crossed it comes back negative.

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