Steam Summer Sale Aftermath

Another year, another monetary sacrifice in honour of Lord Gaben.

Funnily enough, I didn’t spend too much this year. Under £40, which is pretty good going for my standards. I owe it to the fact that I didn’t have access to my PC, meaning I had to buy from the mobile app. If I was shopping on my PC, chances are I would have checked out more titles, got tempted and would have added them to my cart. 

Funnily enough, all three of the games I desperately wanted were on sale. 

I ended up getting both Borderlands 2 and 3 since it has been a while since I played the second, figured it would be a good idea to replay it before playing the third instalment. Plus, the second game was just under a fiver. I also grabbed Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning for 50% off. If I remember correctly, it was around £18 in the sale. Thus making it a guilt-free purchase. I am well chuffed with that saving. 

The only game I wanted to get but didn’t is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I was so tempted, but unfortunately, it was only around 15% off meaning I couldn’t justify buying it. It makes sense since it is still pretty new and all. Oh well, maybe next time.

All in all, I consider this year’s summer sale to be a success. Sure, I didn’t get everything but hey, that’s life. There will always be other sales anyway. Plus it’s not like I’m going to run out of games anytime soon, considering my library boasts 399 games. Most of which I still haven’t played. Don’t give me that look, we are all guilty of this! I blame these steam sales since you grab so many games at a discounted price and sort of forget about them.

Hopefully, you found some great deals for yourself too!

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  1. I was actually pretty disciplined this year and only bought a couple of DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2. I think it was because I’m mainly playing games on my PS4 and Switch at themoment, so I knew whatever I bought would end up in my Steam backlog, unless it was DLC for a Total War game.

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