Dungeons and Dragons Withdrawal

Today marks the fourth consecutive session of D&D that I have missed. While this doesn’t sound like much, I am having severe withdrawal. It is almost funny how much this is affecting me.

Me, almost every day

I know that it sounds like I am overdramatic. In fairness, from a certain point of view, I am. However, please hear me out. You see, my twice-weekly D&D sessions are without a doubt my highlights of the week. It is hardly a secret that this hobby has become all but an addiction. Pretty much since the first session almost three years ago, I was hooked.

Even when I am not in a session, D&D is never far from my mind. Whether it’s making playlists for my characters, studying spell mechanics or reading role-playing tips and tricks, I often find myself spending any spare moment I have on something D&D related.

For the past fortnight, I have been unable to play. I can’t go into why at the moment. All I can say is I haven’t had access to my PC during this time. It truly sucks since D&D gives me an outlet to express myself while being someone completely different. It’s more than a game for me at this point. It’s something to look forward to, something that motivates me and inspires me. Having gone two weeks without it, I feel a bit hollow as if something is missing. Admittedly it’s additionally akin to an addict forced to go cold turkey.

Also, these days it’s one of the few things I can still do with my friends. I feel isolated from them, I miss our in-game shenanigans and just the ability to play games with them outside of D&D. It has only been two weeks, but it sure feels longer.

Thankfully, I only need to hold out a few more days before I can rejoin the fun. I can’t wait!

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