Strahd is having us for dinner

A bit later than we planned, but last week he had the first session of our new D&D campaign. This time around, we are playing Curse of Strahd

For those of you who don’t know, Curse of Strahd is a fantasy-horror adventure. It’s a beloved and feared module as it doesn’t hold back. After getting letters addressed to them, a newly formed party makes their way to the valley of Barovia. A hidden land that until now, none of them had ever heard of.

When they arrive, they quickly learn that they have entered a dark new world, summoned not to help as the letter would suggest, but for the amusement of the Vampire Lord, Count Strahd von Zarovich. Now trapped in unfamiliar territory, they must work together to survive.

My character is Zyn Zoland, a level 3 Drow Necromancer. Originally I intended him to be rather harsh and unfeeling. However, when I started playing his new personality came out and frankly, I think it suits him better. He is a lot more confident than I planned, being somewhat sarcastic but friendly enough. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, knowing that folk will immediately be on guard around him due to the fact he is a Drow. So, he does try to make an effort to be less threatening.

It’s weird being a player again after being a DM for a year, but I am already having a lot of fun with this campaign. As a sucker for all things gothic, this adventure is right up my alley. I will admit, I do not miss the pressure of the hot seat. I got burned several times pushing myself too much. Now, that isn’t even a factor. I can focus on Zyn and his development, the worse thing I need to worry about is keeping him alive since, again, Curse of Strahd is a brutal campaign.

I know we are only one session deep so far, but already I am hooked. I’ve been having a bit too much fun making Zyn to the point I even made a Spotify playlist for him. Lame? Yeah, I guess but it’s a good way to help with character building, at least from my experience. 

I am ecstatic about the session tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what horrors await us in these dark lands.

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