Ghost on the Shore Demo

Do you know what I hate about demos? When you play one that is so immersive and intriguing, only for it to end and you realise the full game isn’t out yet. Meaning you need to wait, sometimes for a good while until it’s released.

Ghost on the Shore is an exploration game set on a forsaken island. You play as Riley, a young woman stranded on the abandoned Rogue Islands. You are not alone, as you have picked up a hitchhiker of sorts. A ghost named Josh, who is now stuck inside your head, with next to no memories of his life. You explore the island together, to learn its tragic past and the reason why it has been abandoned by those who once called it home. 

Thing is, while Riley might be the only person alive on the island, there are visions of the past, namely ghosts. 

The gameplay is rather simple, you walk around finding interesting locations. Discovering clues to the past, sketching and chatting with Josh. Speaking of Josh, your choices matter when it comes to dialogue. From what I read, it seems that your picks influence your relationship with him and the outcome of the game. 

It is a very atmospheric experience. Ghost on the Shore reminds me a lot of the Highlands and Islands here in Scotland. If you haven’t visited them, you find abandoned old croft houses scattered all over. Remnants of times lost long ago. I doubt that was the developer’s intention, but anything that reminds me of the Highlands and Islands gets bonus points from me.

The art style is so vivid and colourful, especially with the ghosts. It sucks you into this beautiful and haunting world. For the most part, it is a rather peaceful game, but during the demo, it hits you hard with two rather emotional moments. I expect there will be a lot more powerful scenes in the full game.

The Ghost on the Shore Demo has about half an hour of content available for free to try. I suggest you give it a try if you like atmospheric story-rich games. 

I for one enjoyed Ghost on the Shore and I’m looking forward to the full game. It seems I have a fair bit of waiting to do since it is due for release in Q3, meaning it could be out between July and September this year. 

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