No Post Today

I am starting to worry that I am getting into a bad habit. Once again, there isn’t a post today.

The reason this time is rather simple, I planned on posting a game review but I don’t think I have experienced enough of the game to give it the proper review it deserves. So, I am postponing it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any backup ideas to fill this spot in the schedule.

I haven’t had much inspiration lately, hopefully, with lockdown restrictions easing I should be able to get more ideas soon. Adding to that is a bad case of writer’s block that has not only hurt Nerd Rambles but my D&D campaign too. Not sure where that came from since it tends to come from stress for me, and this past week has been one of the better ones this month.

Once again I am considering maybe taking a break from biweekly posts. I think it would be good to take the pressure off for a bit but I fear that if I did so, I would fall out of the habit of writing, period. That, and I would be breaking a several years streak if I did step back.

All I can say is sorry, and thank you for understanding.

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