We all know about Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time. The game came out almost ten years ago and it is still thriving. Sure, it had down periods but it always seems to bounce back every time.

I used to play it a lot back in Secondary School. I picked it back up again a few years back but abandoned it again in favour of other games. I honestly never thought I would play it again. I deemed that my interest in the game died ages ago.

Wilbur Soot by @scivious

That was the case until recently.

During the lockdown, I have been binge-watching a lot of content on YouTube lately, along with countless others. While aimlessly browsing the site for something new I stumbled on a video by Wilbur Soot. I used to love Soothouse so I decided to watch it. One of his “forcing 100 players to do X” videos if I remember correctly.

That was the gateway drug to the Dream SMP videos, and soon I was hooked. Seeing a community come together, creating and sharing impressive work in Minecraft made me remember the fun I used to have in the game.

So, I dusted off my login details and threw myself headfirst into the game.

Now I remember why I used to cherish Minecraft back in the day. I used it to create my own world away from the stress of school. Now in lockdown, it hits harder. Since I can barely leave the house, getting to run amok in pixilated nature has brought me more comfort than I care to admit.

It sounds almost sad to say this, but playing a game where I mostly just farm and bake has been such a support to me these past weeks. Seeing my farm grow brings me so much joy. 

I mostly played in single-player for a while, until I found the TMM server.

I play in the Towny survival game, and it is grand. I ended up building the best farm I ever had up till now. Folk on the server have been rather chill and helpful since despite being a returning player I was more or less starting from square one. There have been some serious updates such as the Nether Update since I last logged in. Even then, as much as I loved Minecraft I was a mediocre player at best.

I am rusty, but I am having fun playing at my own pace. No rush, no objectives, just crafting my ideal little farms. It’s a simple joy. Living out my cottagecore dreams. Plus with a newfound community, I have more people to chat with which makes me feel a little less isolated.

My love for Minecraft has truly been reforged.

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