2021 New Years Resolutions

We did it, we made it to 2021. 

It looks like it’s time to make promises to ourselves that may or may not work out, otherwise known as New Year Resolutions. 

My resolutions aren’t anything special this year, but I wanted some manageable ones so I can try to feel like I am on the right path, if that makes sense. 

First off, the classic. Lose weight. I was doing well with this until July, then all the weight I lost came back and a few pounds more. My goal is to lose a stone, ideally more but let’s start simple.

I’m already trying to find some exercise routines I can do alone in my room, so if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them.

Next up, reading goals and challenges. My official target is to read 24 books, making that two books a month. However, due to all the free time I found myself with last year, I ended up reading 43. I would like to meet or beat that.

I’m also doing the Reading Glasses Challenge. This means I need to read the following,

  • a banned book 
  • a poetry collection
  • a microhistory 
  • a book by a Native/First Nations author
  • a book recommended by my library/librarian

On top of that, there are a few activities to do. I must figure out my wheelhouse, attend a virtual book event, review a bookstore/boost a bookstore on social media, review a book by a BIPOC and get rid of a book I’ll never read.

This year, I need to work on my mental health. I have been in a bad place for most of 2020. I can’t dwell in it for much longer so I am now actively working on improving it. It’s going to be a fight, but one I must win.

Whatever your resolutions are, I hope you managed to meet them this year. Let’s all do our best, I am rooting for you! 

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