The Best of 2020

Oh man, is it hard to be positive about anything this year.

In an attempt to be positive, I have compiled a list of the best things I have seen and read in 2020. 

Before you ask, if there is something you loved that isn’t on the list, chances are I didn’t read or play it. If so, please let me know in the comments as it seems I will still have some time on my hands for a bit longer.

So, here we go, the best of 2020!

Best Game of 2020: Baldur’s Gate III

This might be cheating a bit since this game is only in Early Acess. However, it is my list so my rules.

As a D&D player, I got excited when I first heard about the upcoming Baldur’s Gate III and broke my rule of not buying Early Acess games. 

It is a brilliant update to the franchise and I don’t know what kind of black magic they used, but they truly captured the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons.

Since it is still in Eary Acess, you only get the beginning part of the game. Even so, there is a lot of content. Plus Multiplayer is available.

Best Indie Game of 2020: Phasmophobia

This was a pretty easy pick.

Phasmophobia has been the go-to game my friend and I play online. Despite playing it so often, we still haven’t gotten bored of it as most of the fun comes from messing with one another and laughing at each other.

This game has been a bit of a lifeline for me. Playing Phasmophobia with friends helped with the loneliness. I don’t think I have played any other game and both laughed and screamed so much.

Looking forward to more maps and more screams!

Best Movie of 2020: Sonic the Hedgehog

Admittedly, this was won by default. This is the only film I got to see in theatres. 

Sonic and his new friend have to help him escape Earth to avoid capture from the eccentric Dr Robotnik. 

I do think this is a good movie. Award-winning? Of course not. It is a fun film with a fair amount of heart and laughs? Yes! 

To be honest, I am looking forward to the next film. Mostly because my favourite character from the series is going to be in it.

Best Fiction Book Read in 2020: The Starless Sea

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern is one of the most enchanting books I have ever read.

After checking out a book from his university library that details an event from his past, Zachary Ezra Rawlins stumbles into a magical hidden world.

The Starless Sea has everything, a magical world, mystery and charming romance. I simply adore this book!

I wrote a review of The Starless Sea earlier this year, so if you want to see more of my thoughts, please check it out.

Best Non-Fiction Book Read in 2020: The Five

The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold changed how I view true crime content.

It isn’t just about these five women, but how their murders were used to push a narrative and shamed them after their brutal deaths. It is a book about how society treated women, and in a way still does. 

As well as show us that we tend to look at the murderer’s kill counts and memorise everything about the case, yet pay little to no attention and respect to the victims. 

I also wrote a review for this book, so again feel free to read that ramble for more detail.

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