Winter Reading List

Here we are, Winter is almost upon us.

I am not keen on Winter myself. This time of year tends to be rather rough for me. This Winter looks like it might be worse than any I have faced before. 

Hence why I am planning on trying to escape into books, more than ever this season. If you have any wintery reading recommendations for me, I would love to hear them. But for now, on with the list.

The Midnight Library

I was lucky enough to grab a copy from the library before the second lockdown started. 

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig is a story about Nora Seed. Nora finds herself in an unusual library, one that can let her change the outcome of her life by taking different actions. 

However, things take a turn when it doesn’t play out as she planned. Can she fix it before it’s too late?

The Thursday Murder Club

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman was a book I grabbed when it was published a few months back. I have been saving it for winter, so I am excited to finally read it soon. 

Four old friends, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron have a small club. They meet every Thursday to try and solve cold cases. I mean, when you are retired you have to have a hobby or two.

However, someone in their sleepy village turns up dead. Its time to put their skills to work.

The Dark Wings of Cthulhu (or Black Wings: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror)

I know that Autumn is considered the perfect time for horror, but I think the genre is fitting for Winter too. After all, this is the darkest and coldest time of the year, grand for bone-chilling reading.

The Dark Wings of Cthulhu is a compilation of several short Lovecraftian horror stories. 21 short stories to be exact, written by several different authors. Each one promising terrors beyond human comprehension. Perfect. 

The Chronicles of Narnia 

This one is a bit more personal.

You see, my mum’s favourite books she read growing up was The Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia. So, this winter season I am going to try to read all the Narnian books.

Murder in Midwinter: Ten Classic Crime Stories for Christmas

Some people watch cheesy Hallmark films to get into the Christmas spirit (looking at you, mum) and while that is fine, it’s not my thing.

I prefer Christmas Crimes stories. I love that this is a subgenre. 

This year I found quite a few of these books at my favourite bookshop but went with Murder in Midwinter. Mainly because I love short stories, so I figured this would be a good pick for me.

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