Working in the New Normal

I finally got the green light to go to work about four weeks ago, I was ecstatic. Never thought I would be so elated to go to work in my life, but here we are. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, my regular workplace isn’t suitable so I have been moved to another location. I’m now also working with new people which did worry me at first but so far they have all been lovely. Not to mention the few familiar faces on my first shift back. That helped me a lot.

My work environment used to be rather laid back, but now it is a lot more regulated and structured. I’m not complaining, it has just been another thing to adust to.

Needless to say, we need to be very careful. Wearing gloves when handling our stock, sanitising everything that our clients and ourselves use and monitor how many people are in our building to make sure we aren’t over our new capacity with the current restrictions.

Despite all this, the atmosphere at work is rather lighthearted. We still banter and share a laugh, we just need to remain mindful of ourselves and our environment. 

I consider myself lucky that I got this job before the outbreak, I would not be able to handle my old job during these times. I am fairly certain I would have been let go outright. So I can easily tolerate some changes in an otherwise great job with good pay.

Funnily enough, my new commute is almost half as long as my shift. I don’t mind too much, since for the most part trains have been fine. A good podcast or book makes the time fly by.

For the time being, I am only working one day a week. From what I was told, it seems that I might get more shifts down the line. This means I need to make up the rest of my hours via online training. Pretty straightforward stuff.

As I discussed a while back, I have been trying to incorporate the Dark Academia aesthetic into my daily wardrobe. So far, so good outside of the fact that it is still too warm to break out my cute jumpers and sweaters, much to my dismay.

This look seems to have done down well at work since it is a lot more professional than what I wore beforehand.

Again, I am one of the lucky ones. I am so grateful for my job and how accommodating they have been with me. I do miss my old location and being able to make tea for my coworkers, but that is about it for quibbles.

Weirdly enough, I’m once again looking forward to my next shift.

I used the GORILLA_ART Picrew to make the cute picture of myself in the header.

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